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Bishop Sharon Jones
This story is about a True Woman Of God who started an Optimistic Journey and is now living her best life with her husband and family.
At the heart of her ministry is her passion for issues relating to marriage, parenting, women in leadership and mentoring pastors' wives to function within their God-given call to help their husbands. ​Utilizing divine inspiration along with life-experience, Bishop Sharon has authored and published several books including, “From the Heart of a Pastor's Wife,” Amazon’s Best Seller “The Summer of a Woman's Life,” “Sex and the Tired Wife,” and her most recent “I Didn’t Start Out Being a Pastor’s Wife.” Practical, humorous, and informative books jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom for every reader whether young or old, single or married, female or male.   
 Bishop Jones not only shares the pulpit with her husband, Bishop Arthur T. Jones, Sr., freely ministering when called upon, but she also serves as National President of the Women's Department of All People International Church, Inc. and Father's Covenant International Fellowship, which hosts an annual Ishshah (Women’s) Conference. She facilitates and hosts, The Matters of the Heart Podcast with Bishop Sharon Jones, which can be heard on any social media podcast, which specifically speaks to issues and challenges troubling God’s people, sharing what His Word says that can be applied to cover every area of concern.

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She is the founder of She Leads, a ministry designed to empower and train women to walk in the authority God has given them to lead and influence their homes and communities. ​Recognized for her exemplary abilities to organize, facilitate, and lecture. Bishop Jones is Superintendent of All People International Church Biblical Studies course and is often requested to minister or lecture. She has served on the Advisory Committee for Christian Women United of Northeast Florida. Bishop Jones has organized and facilitated numerous conferences, seminars, and workshops.
A highly respected, greatly loved, anointed servant of God worthy of double honor, whom God is not through with yet.

The Author
Pastor Sharon has authored and published several books including, "From the Heart of a Pastor's Wife," "The Summer of a Woman's Life," "Sex and the Tired Wife" and her most recent release, "I Didn't Start Out Being a Pastor's Wife."
Written on the behalf of women everywhere to husbands, of all ages, color, creed, religion, and national origin (does that cover it all?) so that they will understand the reality that you are not being rejected, but that your precious wife is physically tired. No, she is not at all tired of the precious intimacy of sex brought on by her Tarzan; but if she could just have a little breather, she might be a happier and rested Jane. “Calgon take me away.”

 Dr. Sharon Jones epitomizes the Titus 2 aged woman with the release of her first book, From the Heart of a Pastor‘s Wife. In this book she brings alive the role of women in ministry as well as the home. With over seventy-one years of life experiences, fifty-three years of marriage, of which over forty-seven of those years as a pastor‘s wife, Dr. Jones lends herself as an aged woman to teach the young women. She offers encouragement through aged wisdom to women from all walks of life as they embark on their journey, and inspires them to reach beyond obstacles in pursuit of their dreams, goals and visions.

 Well, well, well. Wife, your husband has been called to pastor. Welcome to the world of ministry where only the strong survive. You are now a pastor‘s wife. Here you will find many things you have never encountered before. Dealing with people, that if truth be told, you never knew existed. All because of this word, ministry. Countless pastors’ wives before you have said these words, “I didn’t start out being a pastor’s wife.” Yet, they are still living. They didn’t die! They didn’t start a live-in prison ministry! Nope! They are yet working hard in ministry. The ministry is thriving with the… “didn’t start out being a pastor‘s wife,” wife. You are going to make it. You have make it in you!


In her first work, “From the Heart of a Pastor’s Wife,” author Dr. Sharon Jones candidly shares her heart concerning women married to pastors and men of God,  and the role that they play in upholding, supporting, and enhancing the vision of ministry given by God to their husbands. In this book, The Summer of a Woman’s Life, Pastor Sharon shifts her focus and wisdom to the individual woman, stressing the importance of bringing balance and steadiness in her life amidst the constant giving of herself to everyone and everything. Small but powerful book.

Bishop Sharon Jones
Jacksonville, Florida
From The Heart Of A Pastor's Wife
$ 15.00
I Didn’t Start Out Being A PASTOR’S WIFE
$ 19.00
Sex And The Tired Wife
$ 15.00
The Summer Of A Woman's Life
$ 15.00

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